TPS&Co. Turns Two

TPS&Co. Turns Two

It is hard to believe that TPS&Co. is already two years old. Since we started in October 2018 in our offices at MLC Centre, the firm has grown from strength to strength. This growth is attributed to the incredible support of our existing and well-established contacts and relationships.

We celebrate turning two with the launch of our well overdue website, and our enhanced social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Over the past two years, our TPS&Co. team has banded together and solidified our values. Despite moving into new offices and growing the team to meet our clients’ demands, we have managed to create a TPS&Co. brand that provides a firm foundation for growth. We have distilled our brand into five core values that define who we are. Our values are:

  • Determined. We ferociously fight for our clients’ interests. We are committed to achieving excellent outcomes.
  • Collaborative. Our collaborative mindset allows us to think outside the box and utilise our strengths to produce high-quality work. Out tight-knit team loves working together.
  • Detail-oriented. Legal cases are won and lost on the detail. We pride ourselves on consistently providing services that are nuanced and sophisticated.
  • Integrity. We don’t just talk, we do. Our strict ethical standards guide our action-oriented approach.
  • Fun. We love what we do.

We are proud to have been very busy in the past two years getting great results for our clients.